The Dumb Store

The Dumb Store

The most inclusive mobile app platform. Ever.

The was an inclusive app platform for obtaining information via dumb phones. The Dumb Store is a demonstration of what can be done using dumb phones. It’s an exploration in resisting planned obsolescence and using current technology to its fullest capacity.

The Dumb Store was an open platform for anyone to submit their dumbphone-compatible apps. It was a collaboration between myself and Ramsey Nasser in 2012-2013. We made the framework on Twilio and it went to the top of hacker news at the time. Twilio generously gave us some credits when a ton of people were using the service that we were paying for. Unfortunately I decided to buy a .re TLD which was expensive and I let it lag and now can’t buy it anymore.


Village Voice, “How to Make your Dumb Phone Smart” link