Watching You

Watching You

Watching You: A Love Story

Watching You is an installation in three parts.

  1. Viewers watched a video, entirely from surveillance cameras, about the artist as a cop.

2. At the ITP Winter Show, viewers were told that they were currently being surveilled.

3. In exchange for me deleting one of their images from my computer, I would trade them an honest emotion – any sort of feeling, not necessarily about what they just watched, but just a personal emotion. I was surprised by the honesty I received. Many people didn’t care if I deleted their picture.

Watching You is documented here.


BfBifocals, a working group of designers and artists.

College Art Association, CAA Conference. TRANSMEDIATION. February 13-16, 2013. New York Hilton.

Artist talk, Eyebeam, Art/Sec(urity) meetup, March 2013.